2010-04-23 San Rafael Nicaragua - DeeAnna - 255Our Mission:

It’s simple… To Know God and Make Him Known.  We help people go deeper in their relationship with God, and equip them to preach the Gospel and make disciples of Christ.

Who We Are:
SEMO MC is not another church program.  It’s an adventure where you put your life on hold, dig deep inside yourself, give everything you have, and focus entirely on God.  As you allow Him full access into every area of your life, watch God radically change your life!

As a SEMO MC student you will be exposed to many areas of ministry that 2010-04-23 San Rafael Nicaragua - DeeAnna - 250will help build you into an effective disciple and minister of the Gospel.  You will receive many different ministry and outreach opportunities, both locally and internationally.

  SEMO MC graduates will go on to Universities or Bible College; others will go directly into missions or other ministry positions; still others may enter the business world or start a family.  No matter where our graduates go, they will be impacting the world around them with the power of the Gospel.

Core Values:

Personal Discipleship:
We lead disciples in a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ for the development of the whole person.2010-04-23 San Rafael Nicaragua - DeeAnna - 141

Personal Discipline:
We emphasize discipline, integrity, servanthood, humility, and accountability to God and others.

Passionate Prayer and Memorization:
We place a priority on fervent prayer, as well as the memorization of scripture.  Prayer and scripture memorization are afoundational part of Masters Commission.

We place a priority on effective evangelism, touching the heart of the unsaved.  Creativity and quality are key elements of the SEMO MC evangelistic thrust.  Each student should graduate with an inescapable conviction to reach the lost.