Q:    When does the next session start?
A:    SEMO Masters Commission is a 10 month commitment beginning in September.

Q:  Will I need a car?
A:  We strongly recommend each student to have their own reliable car for the year.

Q:  Do I need insurance?
A:  We strongly recommend each student have health insurance.  We will provide a letter to your insurance company certifying full time student status.  It is required that any vehicle a student  brings has proper auto insurance.

Q:  What is the age requirement for SEMO MC?
A:  SEMO MC students must be 18 years of age or older (there is no upper age limit).  Exceptions may be made for students under the age of 18, with parental consent.

Q:  Am I allowed to work while in SEMO MC?
A:  Due to the demanding schedule, our First Year Students are not allowed to work full-time, or be committed to another outside ministry.

Q:  What about dating?
A:  During this time your commitment to God and Master’s Commission is your highest priority!  There is no dating for First Year Students.  Second and Third Year Disciples are decided on a case by case basis

Q:  What about Tuition?
A:  Tuition is as follows:  
First Year Disciples: $5000  
Second Year Disciples: $4000
  Third Year Internship: $3000

Tuition covers all course work, books, housing, most meals, retreats, seminars, administrative costs and most of the ministry travel expenses.  The end of the year mission trip is not included in the tuition.  We will raise funds for this mission trip throughout the year.  SEMO MC will enter into agreements with families or churches who are NOT able to put all the funds together before SEMO MC begins, but ARE able to make payments during the program.  All payment plans must be done in writing and approved by the SEMO MC Director at least two weeks prior to the program start date.  Please call the SEMO MC office for details.

Q:  What about the home church?
A:  SEMO MC is just one of the ministries under Bethel in Cape Girardeau, MO.  You can find out more about Bethel by clicking here

Q:  Where do I get an application from?
A:  Please contact the church office:  Phone: 573-335-5531 or E-Mail: semomc@capebethel.org

Q:  What about…???
A:  If you have additional questions, please contact us at your convenience:

 Phone: 573-335-5531 or 

E-Mail: semomc@capebethel.org